What? You mean I might actually get to move?

Well, I had my first of 3 phone interviews last night with the woman from Bermuda about the position down south.  From what she has explained to me, it seems like it’ll be pretty much like my position with Assistus (everything from password resets [tier 1] to some server admin [tier 3]) but instead of having a number of clients, I would be working for just one: a bank.

We spoke for about an hour and a bit last night, and not only do I think it went well, I got the feeling that she would have hired me right there if she didn’t have to go through the formality of having me go through a technical interview.  She explained to me what life in Bermuda is like, what I’d have the ability to do when I wasn’t at work, and of course, my all time personal favorite topic: salary.

While she couldn’t give me a definite answer on what my salary would be since I hadn’t gone through the technical interview, she said that most likely (if I was offered the position) the base pay would be somewhere around $55,000USD/year + a bonus of around 10%, assuming I meet my quality goals set out by the company.  Now not only that, but Bermuda has an income tax rate of 4.75%, so that means that with deductions like income tax and the government mandated pension plan contributions that you must make, I will be taking home approximately $49,500 per year.  Even after taxes, I would be taking home more money, than I make before taxes here in Canada! 


Anyways, I’m just gearing up to have my second phone interview which is the technical one, which will shortly be followed by the third (the HR one) which will determine how good of a fit I am for Bermuda life.  And if those both go swimmingly, I could have the offer letter in my hands as early as tomorrow, and a start date of October 16 (assuming that it takes 10 business days for a temporary work permit to go through).

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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