Fun in the sun

Well, a little less than 24 hours ago, I got a phone call that (I’m sure) will change my life forever. The caller was none other than the HR woman from the IT company in Bermuda…..OFFERING ME THE JOB!!! Yes, that’s right, they basically offered me a bag full of money to move to a sub-tropical island (it’s parallel to North Carolina, if I remember correctly).

I have literally been shaking for the past day. I was absolutely useless at work yesterday, so I just took the afternoon off. I tried to go out drinking last night, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun I’m going to have, and pretty much nursed every drink that was put in front of me.

The fact that everything has happened so fast just blows me away. The first time I applied for a job in Bermuda, I must have waited two months to find out that they had “decided to go in another direction”. The waiting, plus the ultimate disappointment really crushed me. But this time, I submitted my resume, had 3 freakin’ interviews, and had the damn job in 6 working days. I swear to God, that’s near light speed in Bermuda time.

Anyways, my head is still kinda spinning from last night’s activities, but needless to say, the next couple weeks are going to be some of the busiest of my life, since I’m out of town during the week for work, and then packing on the weekends.  I just really hope whoever this is reading this is happy for me, and not thinking I’m abandoning them or something.

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