‘Yet another site redesign’ and other life changes

Well hot-damn, I think I’ve finally found a design I like.  I’ve also completely redone the backend of this site and added a few new features, so let’s hope that my mind doesn’t change in the next couple weeks.

Now on to the life stuff.  Yesterday I found out that I will be travelling with work.  Unfortunately I won’t be seeing the sights of Hollywood, or the mountains in Colorado, no, I’ll be flying to Grande Prairie, Alberta.  For those of you who still aren’t up on your Albertan geography, GP is 9 hours northwest of Calgary and about an hour from the BC border.  It is also on the tundra line. 


On the flip side though, I have a phone interview with a woman name Cindy Ratzlaff today at lunch to discuss the possibility of a tier 2 tech support/server deployment position down in….wait for it…..almost there…..BERMUDA!

Yes, there is apparently a very good possibility that I will be joining Matt Baker down in the recently hurricane-ravaged beaches doing what every guy in his mid-twenties should be doing: partying.  Now I know that life on the island isn’t all partying, but being able to say “Damn, I think after work, I’m going to go lie on the beach” and be able to walk less than four blocks to it, is a damn nice idea.

Well, I’m incredibly tired right now for no apparent reason, and it seems like I’m not actually living but rather just spectating, so I’m going to try and get some work done (*laugh*).  I’ll try and update again this afternoon after I have the interview.

New music

Well after a lot of humming and hawing over this, I’ve made the decision to start selling my music, which means that I won’t be offering downloads of any new songs. From here on out, you will be able to use the Opus player on the left hand side of this page to listen to my music while you have this window open, but to download copies of the songs, you will have to purchase them from ProjectOpus.com.

Downloads are $1.00 each, of which I get 50 cents. You get an MP3 download; not a DRM-riddled other format that you have to worry about licensing with. They are also a Canadian company, so you don’t have to worry about currency conversion nor do you have to worry about supporting an American company if you’re against that. They also offer their artists the best compensation per download (artists who sell through iTunes, for example, usually see about 6-10 cents of the 99 that Apple charges per download).

To purchase my music, please go to: http://www.projectopus.com/justinsmith/music/ and select the song you want to purchase, and then click the “Get Hi-Fi Version” link.

I am also open to other suggestions, but as I’m starting to give more and more thought to pursuing a professional career in music, I’d like to show that I can be professional, even if that means charging people to hear my music.