Well it’s officially been 7 days now

As I sit here in my apartment, twenty after eleven at night, wishing there was a wireless signal that would penetrate my walls that I could hack into, I begin to think about how I’ve actually gone almost a full week without internet access after 5pm, and how difficult it’s been.  You see, I’ve wanted to go for a walk at night and explore, but it seems like every time I try, clouds form faster than a mob at a free gas day and empty themselves on anything willing to take it.

The rain here is very strange.  It rarely lasts for more than 10 minutes, but it happens so frequently that you don’t have enough time to do anything between the little micro bursts before it just starts again.  Case in point: when I woke up this morning at a little after 7am, I could hear it coming down on the other side of the 10″ concrete that separates me from the outside world.  I went for a shower, got out and looked out the window as I was getting ready and it was 100% clear out; not a cloud in the sky.  After getting ready, which took all of about 15 minutes, I looked out the window and it’s still clear.  I walk the 10 feet from the window to the door, walk out the door, and it’s pouring again.  So I go inside, grab a green garbage bag and rip some arm and head holes in it (I haven’t had the time to buy a rain jacket yet) and walk back to the door only to see that it’s clear out again. 

Let’s get a count here, please.  That is a total of 4 complete weather changes in less than 60 minutes.  And that was only the first hour of the day.

After work, I usually catch a taxi, as I’m too scared to take the bus and end up on the wrong side of the island, and Matt lives the other way.  It normally takes about 10-15 minutes in good traffic to make it from my office (in downtown Hamilton) to the grocery store which is about 3 “Winnipeg/Calgary blocks” from my house.  I’ve been having to stop there every night to pick up things as I realize I’m missing them, but my stopping is entirely dependent on the weather.  I know that if I can make it /to/ the grocery store before it starts raining (in the taxi), I know that by the time I fill up one basket with items, it will not only have rained but also stopped raining which should give me enough time to motor home before it starts again.  This also takes into account that while I walk 3 “Bermuda blocks” from A1 (the grocery store) to Bostock Hill West (my street) on fairly flat ground, once I reach my street, I almost have to put those ice pick extensions on my shoes to walk up the street as it’s on close to a 30 degree incline.  This walk is hard enough alone, nevermind that I’m usually carrying a pretty heavy bag of groceries, plus my laptop.

Other than the weather that seems to be borderline bipolar, I am absolutely loving it down here.  I’ve finally started my new job which is going really well, even if my boss is taking his sweet time getting me a Blackberry.  I was brought down here on the assumption that I would be yet another helpdesk tech, which as I’m sure you’ve realized if you’ve talked to me for more than 8 seconds, you’ll know I despise.  After meeting with Ricardo (my boss), I’ve come to discover that the role he wanted me for is for something quite different.  While I will be the single point of contact for the helpdesk (I will be working with the helpdesk, NOT end users) for certain issues like the XP deployment they’ve been struggling with, I am considered a “consultant” and not a contractor, which means that I’ll be working with Ricardo developing processes and documentation /for/ the desktop and field support teams. 

For those who aren’t familiar with IT lingo (a.k.a. “bullshit”), what that means is I’ll be going over how the field support and desktop support teams operate, and making recommendations on how they can be more effective.  Things like how there are 4 or 5 ways of creating a user ID on the network, and unifying and standardizing the way that it’s done to prevent any missed steps or any other issues that may arise.  Another example is trying to make the senior people (the VPs and such) aware that the field/desktop support teams need more bodies as their ticket queues fill up faster than they can solve problems and this trend is going to continue as more and more issues come in that aren’t dealt with.  Essentially I’ll be doing more work like I was doing at Avanade, but rather than attempting to refine processes that were already in place to suit our project, I’m essentially going to be starting from the ground up and at least attempting to create a comprehensive process structure that will be used long after I’m gone.  It’s a really neat feeling knowing that even though there’s a good chance that due to it being a bank (slow to adopt change) in Bermuda (even slower in adopting change), I think with the right spin the higher-ups will have no choice but to at least take notice.  It’s hard to be competitive when you seem to hemmorage money left and right.  They have the capital coming in, they just seem to let it all slip out.

Next item up for bid: pictures.  I’m really sorry I haven’t posted any pictures.  As I said earlier, it’s really hard to get a long period of time to go shooting, not to mention that I don’t have a scooter which means they’d all just be pictures of around my house and there’s really not much to see around my place outside of the general architecture.  I’d make a promise that I’ll do it this weekend, but Saturday is moving day, Saturday night is Shocktoberfest at Windsong (Windsong is the name of the house some of our co-workers stay at; yes, it’s big enough to have a freaking name) and apparently there is going to be enough booze that the rest of the island will probably be out of stock for a week, which also means that Sunday I’ll be curled around a toilet, praying for death in any form.  I will make an honest effort to go out next week, as I’ll have a scooter, I’ll finally be in my new place, and there won’t be so much going on.

Anyways, it’s now 11:53pm, and if I don’t go to sleep 20 minutes ago, I’m not waking up for work.  SHHHHHHHHHHH!  Don’t tell.

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