Where is the stupid defrost button

As I sit here at my desk, coffee snuggled between my two hands, I slowly wait for the feeling to creep back into my fingers.  Remembering back to no more than an hour ago where they would each work independently while I styled my hair.  Remembering back to yesterday where they were doing their magic helping to unpack boxes and food in the kitchen.  I miss those days.

You see, the problem with me is that I’m an idiot.  I look at the forecast which is all fine and dandy, but my eyes must have glazed over when I saw the wind speed.  It was 20 degrees outside, but the wind was coming straight south (a.k.a. /from/ the north) at a speed of roughly half that of sound.  So in between trying to keep myself balanced on my scooter on my way into work, I was also trying to warm up my hands by blowing into them, except depending on the hand I was warming up, this would mean I would slow down, and that would mean that cars behind me would honk.

Someone want to join me on a trip to the sun?

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