Is it Tuesday already?

Well after a fairly eventful long weekend, it’s back to work to reshape the foundation of how IT works here at Bank X. I know it sounds like it’s almost become cliche, but it was so beautiful here this weekend that we couldn’t help but try and get outside and often as possible.

Where to begin? Friday night was the pre-gameday party for the Bermuda Rugby Classic (not to be confused with last Saturday’s “Week Before The Bermuda Rugby Classic” party). Of course the drinks were flowing just as fast or possibly even a bit faster, considering the tickets from last week were still good this week. Anyways, after about 5 double Dark and Stormy’s (Bermuda’s other official drink, consisting of Gosling’s dark rum [a blend of rums, itself] mixed with ginger beer) within a 2-3 hour period, and Matt drinking about his body weight in beer in the same timeframe, we decided it would be a good time to head home, while we a) were still conscious; and, b) remembered where home was.

After reminiscing about our memories of Winnipeg in the cab ride home, we entered our house with the enthusiasm of the winning team at the final of your sport of choice, with Hazen and Sarah joining in moments later. We popped open a few more beer and christened the house by having a celebratory drink in our honor.

After the toast, we made our way outside, where I made the stupid decision to climb on top of the plastic children’s “castle” that had been sitting in our backyard since we moved in. After carefully maneuvering myself to the top of the castle and declaring the structure “Justin’s Castle of Doom” for all to hear and see, Matt pushed the damn thing, almost causing the entire thing to come crumbling down. Luckily, the castle stood standing. Unluckily, I didn’t. I managed to scrape up my back pretty bad, and managed to actually get myself stuck in the castle.

Saturday, we were planning on going to the Bermuda Rugby Classic after-game party, but we were still feeling under the weather somewhat from the night before, so we just decided to head out to Swizzle Inn – Airport for some dinner at around 9pm. It was amazing. It was 9pm, middle of November, and we were eating out on the patio, with shorts on, not to mention that I have finally decided to quit eating the same damn food over and over (e.g. chicken fingers) so I made took a leap of faith and ordered the fish and chips.

Now, I’m sure they probably would have tasted a hell of a lot better had my stomach not been the star attraction at Justin Smith’s Internal Trapeze, but it was decent nonetheless and I congratulated myself on not only eating fish, but eating it from a restaurant. Sure, it may have been a bit bland, but hey, baby steps right?

Sunday, we went to Paget (almost right across the street from the old apartment) and bought a kitchen table from a leaving-the-island sale. I think we paid like $75 and after a quick Simple Green wash (I think I’ve found my new favorite cleaner), it looked almost brand new. There were some scratches on the top, but the main thing is it sits relatively flat, and will hold food above the floor. Mission accomplished.

Yesterday, Matt, Hazen and I were planning to meet up with Vane (pronounced: “vaughn”) for brunch, but Bistro 12, where we always go on the weekend, was closed in lieu of Remembrance Day. We decided to walk around downtown Hamilton and find somewhere else to eat. We walked less than a block and made our way into the Hog Penny, which had the feel of an Irish pub, but was a restaurant instead.

Everyone had burgers, but of course I am on this try-new-things kick, so I tried these ribs that were apparently covered in a glaze of some sort. After taking one bite, I nearly threw up; while it looked very elegantly prepared, it smelled and tasted like a combination of feet and old urine.

We finished brunch/lunch rather quickly, and made our way to Makin’ Waves, which is a decent sized surf-shop (read: just another Quiksilver/Billabong retailer) where I picked up a pretty nice cotton button-up for about $60. Hazen got a shirt too, but it’s made of Rayon, which breathes about as much as plastic. Ahh well, he’ll be complaining, I won’t. :)

After Makin’ Waves, we went to M&M’s Audio/Video, which is like a Visions or Best Buy back home, but on a much smaller scale. They also sell pro audio gear. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. We spent about an hour oogling the loudspeakers and PA systems, deciding on which one to purchase to effectively deafen a 4 block radius from our house. While we didn’t make a purchase this weekend, I’m pretty sure we will be in the near future.

After M&M Audio/Video, we walked the 9 steps to M&M Sports (talk about diversification) where Matt and Hazen picked up some workout gear. Matt bought some free weights (40lbs in all, I believe), and Hazen got a chin-up bar and a workout mat. Wait a second. The three idiots buying workout gear? Now I know the world has gone topsy-turvy.

I feel I owe the reader an explanation before I carry on. I have officially begun to hate my body and how skinny I am, Matt has actually put on too much weight, and Hazen just wants to get fit again, so we all decided to be each other’s motivators. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we’ll be doing free weights, and other upper- and mid-body strengtheners, and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday we’ll be doing cardio, like running, and rollerblading. We worked out yesterday, and even though my arms still feel like wet jello, I feel pretty damn good about doing something about my body.

After picking up the weights, I managed to bang up my scooter somehow and knock the exhaust of alignment, which brought my scooter up from the sound level of an annoying mosquito or so, to the level of a Harley-Davidson convention. Dammit. Now I have to bring it in sometime today and see if they can repair it, or if it will need to be replaced.

We finally got to Big Savings & More (think: The Brick) on St. David’s Island and we took a quick look at beds, since I’m currently residing on Matt’s futon. We found one that I really liked, and asked a salesperson what the cost would be for the mattress (Posturepedic, yum), the supporting boxspring, and the frame which comes in a bunch of colors. He said “I’ll be right back”, but after waiting for 20 minutes, and trying to search the entire store for him (which was barely the size of small grocery store), the lack of air conditioning in the semi-oven of a store forced us to leave.

We made a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home to pick up the required materials for making taco’s, since it’s the only place I’ve seen on the island that sells the Old El Paso taco kits. Hazen picked up a 5L mini-keg of Heineken and Matt and I picked up our every-three-or-four-day supply of 24 Coronas.

We finally got home 4 or 5 hours after we left, and after feeling like we’d actually accomplished something for a change, we got changed, worked out, and then ate dinner and watched Robot Chicken for an hour, before scattering to do our own things.

If anything, I’m the most proud that we’re all making the conscious decision to start getting healthier. The fact that we’re all doing it at the same time is helpful too, because we can all be each other’s motivators and pick each other up, and get each other motivated when a day might come where we don’t necessarily want to go for a run, or lift weights, or whatever. It all boils down to the fact that we all want to make a change in our lives, and what a perfect way to do it: together.

PS: I want to apologize for the lack of pictures. I had actually brought my camera with us yesterday, except the battery died before I could take the first picture. Assuming Matt plays poker tonight and assuming it’s bright out, I’ll be going picture taking right after work, and then working out when Matt gets home.

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