Oh Bermuda, how I love thee, let me count the ways

I’m sitting outside my office building, eating my first of two incredibly delicious butter croissants that I obtained from the little bistro from across the street, and I wonder how I could have ever lived anywhere else but here. Being that it’s ten minutes to eleven in the early, sunny November morning, and not being forced to wrap myself up to the point of loss of circulation. I can sit out here and people watch while I enjoy a coffee that tastes like it had skipped the processing and was poured directly from the coffee plant and not shake, or shiver, or any of those other equally depressing activities that seem to remind Canadians just what time of the year it is, yet again.

Now, I’m not going to lie, riding to work in the morning without a jacket can prove rather uncomfortable as close to 90% of the ride is right along the north shore of the island (and by that I mean, you have houses on one side, but water on the other) which means that you have the cool ocean winds blowing through you. This doesn’t mean, however, that the view of said ocean isn’t enough to make you forget about being cold, and just admire the scenery for all that it is.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since I moved, the satelite picture of Bermuda that Google Earth has is pretty close over (what I believe is) my new house. If you install Google Earth (free; http://earth.google.com) and then open the following map locator within Google Earth (available at http://flawedlogic.org/googleearth/myhouse.kmz), it will show you where my house is, and also where the city of Hamilton is, to give you an idea of how far I ride to work each day.

Anyways, I’ve finished my coffee, and should head back upstairs to kick some more ticket queue ass. We’ve dropped from just over 170 tickets last week, to just over 130 tickets today. While 40 tickets may not sound like a lot, just remember, we essentially only have 3 technicians working on a majority of the cases. Hallelujah!