Work it baby, work it!

Since my cousin Jesse got here on Saturday, it seems like time has been put on fast forward; he’s only been here five days, but it barely seems like two. It’s unfortunate, but at least we’ve been having a great time and making use of every second.

After getting off the plane on Saturday, we took a cab back from the airport, dropped off his luggage, and hopped on our scooters to sprint into town for our usual Saturday brunch at Bistro 12. We ordered our food, and much to Jesse’s delight, ordering “double bacon” on a hamburger actually means “double the amount of bacon”. You could tell it was the first real meal he’d had in a while as I’m pretty sure he didn’t so much eat the burger, but rather inhaled it in one or two deep breaths.

We finished breakfast and walked around downtown, picking up a few things here and there, like a comforter and pillow for Jesse, since we realized that we didn’t have an extra one. We picked up an industrial sized pack of styrofoam plates at Bermuda’s version of Costco, so that Matt can quit bitching about us leaving our dishes in the sink; now we eat, and throw our dishes away. That’s 3M innovation!

We got home, made some dinner, and relaxed a little bit before we put on our dancin’ shoes and made our way downtown for a fun night of drinking, Bermuda style.

Sunday, was pretty uneventful; the weather was pretty crappy, so Sarah, Jesse and I just went to the Swizzle Inn for dinner (Matt and Hazen weren’t really in the mood to go out) and came back to our place where Sarah ended up passing out, and we watched a really cool movie called Renaissance.

Monday, we all woke up rather refreshed, and decided that rather than waste away the day sitting around the house, we would make the 15 minute dash to St. George’s island (on the opposite side of the airport from us) to play a round of golf. We arrived just shy of 2pm, and had a quick lunch (hotdog/hamburger type thing) and headed out onto the course where we proceeded to make complete fools of ourselves for the better part of 2 hours. Interestingly, you can either play 18 or 11 holes, not 9. We figured that since we all suck, 11 would be our lucky number today, which coincidentally was Jesse and I’s score on more than a couple holes.

We got home, thoroughly exhausted (which we couldn’t really understand, seeing that we were using the golf cart) but kicked off our shoes, through on some Weeds (the TV show) and I barbecued for everyone. We relaxed yet again, and slowly but surely, we each made our way to our respective bedrooms for the night.

Yesterday, being Tuesday, and not being a day I had off, work was as exciting as usual (which is to say: not at all), but after work, I arrived home, to find that 2 of my 3 lenses along with my tripod and camera backpack had all arrived. I spent the better part of the evening messing around with them, and while I didn’t take any good shots being that it was already dark, I felt like a 5 year old at Christmas opening everything.

Tonight, Jesse and I are going shooting as he brought his camera down with him too. The lucky son-of-a-gun has a Canon 10D (about 3 steps above mine), but has the same lens mount, meaning that we can both use the lenses I just bought. Hopefully tomorrow or the day after, we should have a bunch of pictures of the abandoned Club Med.

Stay tuned…

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