“My flight home” or “God hates air travellers”

Location: 40000 ft. in the air; probably over New Hampshire or something

So apparently Murphy’s Law has had a backlog, because today, the bottleneck just opened up, spewing bullshit left, right, up, down and every other direction it could conceive of. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the folks at Murphy’s Inc. developed a way to exist in the fourth dimension, just to make my life more difficult.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

I wake up around 8:55am. I had set my alarm for 9:00am, but for some reason, my body has never once slept properly the night before I’m about to fly. It’s not like I’m nervous or anything like that; in fact I love flying. Perhaps it’s that my body knows that it’s about to be in some place new and it can’t wait to get there to experience it. It’s just a pain in the ass because it means that I’m usually tired as hell on the days I fly.

Sarah and I got up, and finished the last little bit of cleaning in our house, so that our stupid landlady would quit bitching about insignificant things (like “there’s a dirt mark along the caulking on the floor” or “I love intruding on you when you’re trying to have some alone time, but I just want to come spy on you”). If I ever see another mop, sponge, or bottle of Tilex, it’ll be too soon.

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HarpzOn.com: Business strategies from a young entrepreneur

A few days ago, I was browsing one of my regular sites, and came across a link to HarpzOn.com, a site created merely days earlier by Mitchell Harper, who wanted to spread his knowledge about all things business.  I got to his page, and I was immediately blown away with the quantity and quality of the articles he had posted in just a few short days. (As of this writing, the first item he posted was on February 27th [9 days ago], and in that time has since made 32 posts.)

Much of his advice is centered around the online advertising market with articles like “Turn $20 Into 500 Visitors On SitePoint” or “Is It Possible To Setup A Profitable Site In 24 Hours?” however he has a real estate business as well, which he imparts wisdom from from time to time.  I’ve read many blogs about online marketing, and I’ve got to say that most of them are just crap.  They rehash the same useless information over and over (e.g. “to make money you need visitors to your site”) but Mitchell takes it a step further and shows you that with StumbleUpon.com, you can pay 5 cents a click to have X number of people to your site a day.

He posted an article requesting people to review his site, and I’ve got to say: he gets two thumbs up from me.  In less than a week, I’ve become a loyal reader, and can’t wait until his next juicy post is uploaded, so I can start getting even more traffic.  He’s got great business sense which just emanates from every post, and at least to me, he seems like he’s good great information and also great intentions.

Definitely check him out; I know I will.  Again.

Stabilizer – A Project Called Red: Strange mix of IDM and NES

Stabilizer - A Project Called RedRecently, I had a chance to listen to a disc called “A Project Called Red” recently released on Nonexistant Recordings by Stabilizer. A mix of what I guess you would call IDM, speed-something, and/or electronic rock, it’s quite different from the music I’m used to listening to. Rather than the usual melodic, acoustic guitar that I’ve become accustomed to turning on whenever I get a chance, much of it is quite aggressive, with syncopated rhythms, and synths coming at you from every which way.

Start at the bottom and work our way up

I would love to say “Oh God, I’m putting this on my Zune right now” or “This music is obviously sent to us from God himself”, but I’m really stuck wondering if maybe I just don’t “get it.” Yes, there seems to be melodies (or at least attempts at melodies), but they are interspersed with odd choices of random pads and beats that I personally don’t dig.

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