Why I don’t hate Windows Vista

Before I go any further, I’m going to don my flame resistant body armor with diamond shielding to protect me from the hordes of anti-Microsoft fans, anti-Vista fans, and anti-nexxai fans.  I’m going to secure myself in a bunker 20 stories underneath the earth and bring down enough rations to sustain me until 2010 or thereabouts.  I’d also quit my job, but those of you who know me know that I don’t actually have one, so that one will be easy to accomplish.

Now, here I go.

I like Vista.

There, I’ve said it.  Hell, I’ll say it again: I like Vista.  How do you like them apples?  A little bitter?  Not quite ripe?  Thought so.  But here at Chez Flawedlogic, we aim to displease.

Before you attempt to storm the gates I’ve erected around my fortress of ineptitude, please let me explain my reasoning.  If you don’t like it, fine, I can live with that.  But at least give me the chance to back up my claims before the rampant fanboyism (Linux fanboyism, XP fanboyism, my sister fanboyism, whatever) engulfs you and you start foaming at the mouth.

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The American justice system at work

Being from Canada (born and raised), I have the pleasure of having to hear about ongoing issues in the United States with the added benefit of not being a resident and therefore not having any say in the matter. If there was something going on in Canada that I could do something about, you could be sure my voice would be heard. Sure it might only be heard in the kitchen while I’m reading the newspaper, but who knows, maybe the conspiracy theorists are right and the government satellites orbiting the Earth can hear me just the same.

Today’s topic revolves around a woman in California by the name of Zoila Meyer who decided to make a difference – and was (or should I say: is in the process of being) punished for it. Leaving her home of Cuba at the tender age of 1, her family decided to make a better life for themselves and move to the land of the brave, the land of opportunity. Setting up shop in the Golden State, her parents raised her as a bright young lady, and grew up to be an upstanding member of society. So upstanding, in fact, that she was recently elected to City Council of her town Adelanto. She has 4 kids, all of which are enrolled in school, and doing quite well. She herself even attended two local colleges in the hopes of becoming a forensic nurse.

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Beau Hall – UNH!

Beau Hall - UNH! CD CoverJust in the last few days, I happened to come across a copy of a CD called “UNH!” by Beau Hall. With my Zune being rather empty since I accidentally formatted it last night (whoopsie daisy), I figured I’d throw it on there and go for a walk. I’m really not sure what surprised me more, the music and how catchy it is, or the fact that I actually decided to do something physical. Regardless, I think it’s safe to say that I made the right decision putting it on there – it won’t be coming off any time soon.

“UNH!” is the latest release from Mr. Hall, although “latest” doesn’t necessarily mean “current” – it was released in 2005. Filled with more funk than any Caucasian man should be able to create, nearly every track seems to be a time capsule of the 70’s, with the wakka-chikka-wakka-chikka of days past. From his CDBaby.com page: “It’s the Rolling Stones meets Prince meets Jimi Hendrix with some INXS and Stevie Ray Vaughan mixed with Sly Stone, Maroon 5, Marc Broussard and Dave Matthews Band. Funky funky.” In my previous review, I went on about how the artist was lacking in soul; well where Mr. Tholen was lacking, Mr. Hall makes up in spades.

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