Let there be light!

You may be wondering why I used such an ominous title for this post. I would be too, since I would be thinking “but Justin, you’re not God. Why are you copying his quotations? If He finds out, you’re going to Hell. And Ellen will eventually be in Hell too because she is gay.” *cue audience gasping*

No, the reason I say that is there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of work for me. Please let me explain. Tuesday morning, I woke up in a bit of a funk. I don’t know what specifically caused it, but what I do know is that I no longer had the patience to deal with going into work at Sobey’s any longer. Maybe it was the tonsillitis wearing me down, maybe it was the fact that I had absolutely no motivation to make barely over minimum wage to be condescended to by any idiot who doesn’t understand the difference between a tomato and toilet paper. Anyways, I woke up, decided I wasn’t going to go anymore, and my life has seemingly been better ever since.

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Semi-new site launch!

I have unofficially opened TripleLabs up for business. For those of you “not in the know,” TripleLabs will be the name under which I put all of my non-music art into the public eye. Whether it be my photography, or web design, or whatever other visual arts projects I happen to take along the way, they will be released from TripleLabs. I will have the TripleLabs.com domain name soon enough, but for the time being, please access the site by clicking on the following link: http://flawedlogic.org/triplelabs/

Good news everyone!

Dear Diary,

It seems it’s been 3 months since my last entry. Many things have happened in 3 months and I think being the keeper of my history, you should be apprised of them. I think it’s only fair, that you are available to me whenever I want to reminisce about days past that I treat you with the same respect and use you whenever possible.

We left off where I was explaining how incredibly wonderful my flight home from Bermuda was. The flight from Toronto to Winnipeg was rather uneventful, ending with Ashley picking me up from the airport, and laughing at me for wanting to go straight to McDonald’s. What can I say; going 6 months without that greasy cardboard taste was like a lifetime.

I spent the first month of being home trying to find employment with any kind of office. Process development or just general support, just something to get me out of the house. During this search, I was contacted by a guy who works with TiVo in San Jose who had by chance come across another website I started with an ex-coworker a couple years ago (which is still up and running) and wanted me to go through their employee knowledgebase and streamline it. Unfortunately, this was over a month ago and I haven’t heard from him at all since those first few days, so I’m assuming that it’s dead in the water.

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