Live Earth – It’s never too late to change, right?

Let’s face it, my entire life has been one long string of lazyness and not caring. That’s not to say that I didn’t care about people but if I was doing something – anything – and someone else wasn’t clearly and directly involved, there was a good chance that I would do the absolute bare minimum to accomplish whatever task I was currently in the middle of. While some examples of this would be rather innocuous like ensuring dirty laundry stayed within the confines of my room rather than the house, but others were a little more serious, like instead of placing the wrapper of my freshly eaten cheeseburger in the now empty bag sitting next to me, I would placed it on the opposite side of me. Coincidentally, this opposite side of me would also happen to be a window….providing access to ground whipping by at approximately 80 kilometers an hour. And a side view mirror. But mostly the ground.

Not so good.

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Where the hell did you go?

As some of you – ok, the one of you – may have noticed, I have been notably absent from my ranting and raving about the man in the moon this past week. Fear not friend, for I will explain my departure – you need not worry longer.

This past Friday (7 days ago), Apple decided to announce their iPhone. For those of you who have finally mastered grunting and are still working on perfecting fire and the wheel, the iPhone is quite possibly the sexiest piece of technology ever released. I could literally spend hours upon hours going on and on about why I love the iPhone to pieces, but there are quite literally millions of blogs in the ‘blogosphere‘ (God, how I hate that word) and I’m sure nearly half of them have devoted entirely too much bandwidth, typing and reading time to that very subject. Trust me, the subject is well covered and if you really care about it, just Google “iphone”.

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