Image manipulation made really goddamn easy

Well, the folks at SIGGRAPH (a yearly convention for researchers who specialize in images and interactive techniques) have done it again and amazed the goddamned pants off me. First they debuted the software that took a 2D image of a face and could generate a realistic 3D model from it. Then they took that same software, and added realistic mouth movement creation; now not only could we see Mona Lisa in 3D, she could smile at us, and even show teeth that weren’t there in the original painting.

Now a group of researchers have presented their software package that allows the user to stretch and shrink photos without looking like they’ve even been touched. The software determines least-energy paths along the image (non-straight lines on the picture that don’t have a lot of value) and removes them if you’re shrinking the photo, or replicates them if you’re stretching it. The result is a completely realistic looking picture that can be resized to almost any size you want.

Keep your eye out for this software hitting the shelves. It will be a godsend to grandmothers who want to take that 1″ x 1″ picture of their grandkids and blow it up to the size of their desktop.

You’re under arrest for reincarnating without a permit.

Today marks one of the most awesome days I’ve ever had the fortune of experiencing.  No, I didn’t win the lottery.  No, the Jets aren’t finally coming home to Winnipeg.  No, we haven’t even found a planet with new life on it.  Why then, is this day so amazing?  Because MSNBC is reporting that China has outlawed Tibetan monks from reincarnating without permission.

If you have not begun either laughing (or crying) uncontrollably, I suggest you re-read the previous sentence again.  I’ll wait for you.



Ok, well I’m not waiting that long for you.  I still have no alarm clock, so my sleep is still all messed up, which in turn has diminished my patience to that of an army colonel with a bad case of hemmorhoids.


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My first day

Time: 0700

I awake to the sound of my computer playing “Dallas Green – Hello I’m In Delaware”. Why? Because for the fourth day in a row, I’ve forgot to buy an alarm clock since mine is still sitting on my night table in Winnipeg. Fat lot of good it’s doing me there. I am actually able to roll myself out of bed on the first try and become mobile. I shower and find myself ready to go less than 20 minutes later. We’re off to a good start.

Time: 0720

I have my briefcase prepared with all of the documents I forgot to bring to the company barbecue yesterday like my employment contract and non-compete agreement. You know, nothing important. I grab my Zune and head out to my car.

I enter my car, plug in the Zune, turn on the car and — why is my Zune dead? Fuck, it wasn’t plugged in properly last night. I try and find something on the radio, but there’s nothing.  Fantastic.  This going to be a great day.

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