Reactive Radio Sunday Sessions (Sept. 9, 2007)


1. Jose Amnesia feat. Jennifer Rene – Wouldn’t Change a Thing (Original Mix)
2. Solarstone and Alucard – Late Summer Fields (Deeper Sunrise Mix)
3. Mat Zo – Out Of Minority
4. Misja vs. Jazper – Project Project (Sied van Riel Remix)
5. David Shaw – Arabian Nights (Flash Brothers Remix)
6.  Ferry Corsten РBrain Box
7. Monoss – Awaiting Sunrise (Blufeld Remix)
8. Sonic Division feat. Spyschool – Panta Rhei
9. David West – True Love (Vadim Soloviev Remix)
10. Nenes and Superti – Teksha (Superti Tech Mix)
11. Agnelli and Nelson present A and N Project – Wear That Dress (Sean Tyas Remix)
12. Yoav – Beautiful Lie (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
13. Signalrunners – One Last Look
14. Simon Patterson – We’ll See
15. Mike Shiver and Elevation feat. Carrie Skipper – Hurricane (Mike Shiver Mix)
16. Genix and Chris Chambers – Waterfall (Octagen Remix)
17. Acute vs. Aimar – Still Waters (Danilo Ercole Progressive Mix)
18. Wilson – Fix You (Wilson Remix)
19. Trans Balear – Crosses (B1 Mix)

Time:  2:07:48 | Size: 239MB

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Reactive Radio Sunday Sessions (Sept. 2, 2007)


1. Menno de Jong – Nolthando (Original Intro Mix)
2. Majera – Velvet (Aly and Fila Remix)
3. Mind Movement – Oceania (Majera Remix)
4. John Huijbers – Wanting You (Mikka Leinonen Remix)
5. Bedrock – Heaven Scent (Greg Downey Remix) [REMIX OF THE WEEK]
6. Conrad S. – Apologies (Original Mix)
7. aboutblank feat. mque – Active Side (Marian Closca Remix)
8. The Thrillseekers feat. Aruna – Waiting Here For You (Breakfast Club Mix)
9. Silver Mist – Silver Mist (Original Mix)
10. Uriel – White Weed (DJ Koris and Djule Remix)
11. Bissen feat. Victoria Jane – Fly Away (Progressive Vocal Mix)
12. DJ Joe K – Born Slippy (Instrumental Mix) [CLASSIC TRACK OF THE WEEK]
13. Mikka Leinonen – Shadow Hears (Original Mix)
14. ATB – Feel Alive (Duende Remix)
15. Luke Terry pres. Akemi – Alone Without You (Original Mix)
16. Tomcat – Heatstroke (Original Mix)
17. Bissen – Exhale (Sean Tyas Remix)

Time: 2:00:05 | Size: 200MB

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Car salesmen are pricks (Part 2)

I walk into Sunridge Nissan with my chastity belt at the ready, anxious to test drive a Sentra. A strapping young lad named Kelvin finds me wandering around the showroom and asks me if there’s anything he can help me with today. Impressed by his full smile, I tell him that I’m in the market for a Sentra 2.5 SE-R Spec V, however since the Spec V is a manual transmission only, I’d like to take the regular 2.5 out for a test drive so that I could get the feel for the engine.

As he starts telling me “We actually don’t have any 2.5’s in stock at the moment–” Are you fucking kidding me? FUCK YOU EARTHQUAKE!!! “—but we’re getting one in later this week.” Oh. OK, continue. “What we can do is have you take one of the 2.0’s out for a test drive, get a feel for the interior, and when the 2.5 comes in, you can get an idea what the engine is like. How does that sound?” “Well Kelvin, it sounds fucking fantastic. Let’s go.”

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