Reactive Radio Sunday Sessions (Oct. 7, 2007)


1. Fragma – Tocas Miracle (Richard Durand Remix)
2. Matys – Funk (Original Mix)
3. Orjan Nilsen – In Fusion
4. DT8 Project – The Power of One (Mike Shiver Dub Mix)
5. Soulcry – A Life So Changed (Talla 2XLC vs. Ace da Brain Remix)
6. Alive Stone – Summer City (Original Mix)
7. Thomas Bronswaer – Resound (Sean Tyas Remix)
8. Shawn Mitiska feat. Jaren – Silently (Original Mix)
9. P.H.A.T.T. – Tsunami (Original Mix)
10. Natlife – Asia (Original Mix)
11. Above and Beyond – Home (Above and Beyond Club Mix)
12. Re-Fuge feat. Nicole Tyler – So Real (4 Strings Remix)
13. Icone joins Arpegia – Fatal Beauty (Icone Edit)
14. Adam Nickey – Never Gone (Sequentia Remix)
15. Amurai vs. Static – After The Sunrise (Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Woody van Eyden Full On Mix)
16. Cartel – Moments (Original Mix)
17. Marian Closca – Polarkreis
18. John Huijbers – Wildfire (Original Mix)

Time: 2:02:52 | Size: 231MB

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New Sony Bravia Commercial: Plasticine City

First of all, if you haven’t seen the previous two commercials, you should watch them first. The 250,000 bouncy ball video shows 250,000 bouncy balls being dumped down the street/hillside of San Francisco. The paint explosions of Glasgow was their second foray into the artistic commercial business, setting off paint bombs around an abandoned apartment block in Scotland.

Now they have bunnies on the streets of Manhattan. They used 2.5 tonnes of plasticine, 40 animators spent 4 hours for every 4 seconds of footage shot, and a total of 189 bunnies. Incredible.

Higher Res

Reactive Radio Sunday Sessions (Sept. 30, 2007)


1. Night Ray – Find the Trail (Original Mix)
2. Alexander Xendzov – Line of Sight (Original Mix)
3. Ronski Speed – Love All The Pain Away (Original Vocal Mix)
4. Enmass – Avalon
5. Peter Martijn Wijnia – Revolution (Original Mix)
6. se.ra.phic – Heaven Trace (Original Mix)
7. Tenthu – Zair (Tenthu and Martin Pritchett’s Alternative Mix)
8. Davy Walker – Fire (BRM Remix)
9. In Progress and Pavel Pryde – 22 (Passive Progressive Remix)
10. Cold Blue and Del Mar – 11 Days (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
11. Graham Gold – Moving On (Manuel le Saux Remix)
12. N20 – Territory (Kamil Polner Remix)
13. John O’Callaghan pres. Mannix – Acid Rain
14. Paul Miller feat Manuel le Saux – Sunny Day (Arctic Moon Remix)
15. 2producers and Icicle presents Lightwind – Touch of Angel
16. Dan Stone – Road Test (Original Mix)
17. Insignia – Piano in the Rain (Original Mix)

Time: 2:00:00 | Size: 224MB

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NOTE: This week’s mix is dedicated to Amanda Frizzley, one of my best friends, who was killed early Sunday morning when an SUV going the wrong way down a one way street, blew a stop sign and collided with her tow truck. Mandy, I will never forget you.

EDIT: Apparently the link I originally posted was of last week’s mix.  That’s been fixed.