Reactive Radio Sunday Sessions – Mar. 16, 2008


1. Gabi Newman and Java feat. Clara da Costa – Deleting You (Dub Mix) [Vendetta Records]
2. Blackfeel Wite – First Night (J Soul Dub Remix) [Moonbeam Digital]
3. M&O Substance – Tomorrow Never Comes (Pointech Remix) [Progressive Grooves]
4. Dario Nunez and David Medina – Vasque Friends (Oscar L Remix) [Shinshy Digital]
5. Sultan and Ned Shepard – One Day (Miss Nine Remix) [Harem Records]

[SPOTLIGHT: Deadmau5]
6. Deadmau5 – Faxing Berlin (Original Mix) [Mau5trap]
7. Gianlucca Motta feat. Molly – Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix) [WeLoveMuzik]
8. Deadmau5 – Arguru (EDX’s 5un5hine Remix) [Pinkstar]
9. Cirez D – Teaser (Deadmau5 Remix Version 1) [Mouseville]
10. Deadmau5 – Jaded (Original Mix) [Mau5trap]

11. The Doors – People are Strange (Meave de Trias Main Mix) [WHITE LABEL]

12. Cantus – Campfires at Dusk (Mango Remix) [Bonzai Records]
13. Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down (Rowald Steyn Dub Mix) [Armada]

14. John O’Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher – Big Sky (EDX’s Russian Winter Vocal Remix) [Armind]

15. Dyor – Emotions (Second Emotion Mix) [High Contrast NuBreed]
16. Midway – Monkey Forest (Danilo Ercole Remix) [In Trance We Trust]
17. Frase – Tiger Tasty (Original Mix) [Elektrotek]
18. Jeckyll and Hyde – Frozen Flame (Ben Gold Remix) [Perfecto]
19. Beats of Genesis vs. Legend B – Lost In Love 2K7 (Sean Tyas Mix)

Time: 2:03:00 | Size: 221MB

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Notes: This week, I’m introducing a new section called the “spotlight.”  It won’t be a weekly thing, but every once in a while, it will feature an artist or remixer who is just doing a ton of great work.

This week’s spotlight is: Deadmau5.  A Toronto, Canada native, he’s absolutely destroying the progressive house scene with his amazing remixes and productions.  I’ve played something he’s had a hand in nearly every week for the past few months, and I have no intention of letting up if he keeps up the great work!

Reactive Radio Sunday Sessions – Mar. 9, 2008


1. Alex Dolby – Ushuaia (Francesco Pico Mix) [Global Underground Digital]
2. Eduardo Perez – Deeper (Original Mix) [Hypno Music Recordings]
3. Giusy Consolu – Pornographic Movies (Stefano Amalfi Mix) [Sound Division]
4. Alpha V and Starsgarage and Lady Hellen – Kinotte (Steven de Blanche Remix) [303 Lovers]
5. Luke Dzierzek – Echo (Original Mix) [Data Records]
6. Elektrodomestici – Tango (Ralf Armani vs. Simon Concept Mix) [Emotiva]
7. Eric Prydz – F12 (Original Mix) [Pryda Recordings]
8. Quivver – Surin (Original Mix) [Boz Boz Recordings]
9. Dr. Kucho – Best Monday of my Life (New School Mix) [Disc Doctor Spain]
10. Lee Gardner – Spooky Moods (Original Mix) [Audio Shak]
11. DJ Shog – Feel Me (Inpetto Vocal Remix) [Sony Music]

12. John O’Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher – Big Sky (EDX’s Russian Winter Vocal Remix) [Armind]

13. First State feat. Elliot Johns – Your Own Way (First State’s Pounding Club Mix) [In Trance We Trust]
14. Seth Hutton feat. Judie Tzuke – Don’t Look Behind You (Mike Shiver’s Catching Sun Mix) [Captured Music]
15. Hensha – The Curtain (Anguilla Project Remix) [Conspiracy Recordings]
16. Alive Stone – Sweetness [Emotive Vibes]
17. Nish – Blue Sunshine (Sean Tyas Remix) [Tetsuo Recordings]
18. Aerium – Terai (Osip Remix) [Realmusic]
19. Cold Blue – Oasis (Volt Remix) [DJ Shah Music]

Time: 2:01:08 | Size:  219MB

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Reactive Radio Sunday Sessions – Mar. 2, 2008


1. Dubfunk – Mandala (Original Mix) [Audio Therapy Digital]
2. Wagon Cookin – Mallorca (Original Mix) [Compost Records]
3. Junkie XL feat. Willoughby & Nicole Morier – Not Enough (Dub Mix) [Artwerk]
4. Yvan and Dan Daniel – Jumanji [Pinkstar Records]
5. Alex Cellar – Norma (Original Mix) [MyDust]
6. Massimo Santucci and Lost Witness – Best (Trhouse Dub) [Captivating Sounds]
7. Deadmau5 – 1981 (Adam K Remix) [Play Digital]
8. Jalebee Cartel – Acid Pants (F-Sonik Remix) [Vice Versa Music]
9. Sydney Bly – Give It Up For Me (Deadmau5 Remix) [Cinnamon Flava Italy]
10. Sara Galli and Matteo Matteini and Juda – Deep In You [303LOVERS]
11. Jose Amnesia – Follow Me (Original Mix) [Amnesia Sound]
12. Activa – Remember (Club Mix) [Vandit Records]
13. Greg Downey – Stadium (Original Mix) [Vandit Records]
14. Matt Pricer – Memories (Extra Large Edit) [Made2Dance]
15. Liam Melly – Departure (Short Climax Mix) [Tekelec]
16. Tom Colontonio – Infinity Passage (Original Mix) [Discover Records]
17. Mark Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick feat. Melinda Gareh – Fallen Tides (Mat Zo Vocal Remix) [Anjunabeats]
18. Mekk – Resistance (Activa vs. Mekk Mix) [Discover Dark]

19. Peter Martijn Wijnia pres. Majesta – Not The End (Tom Colontonio Remix) [Conspiracy Recordings]

Time: 2:00:41 | Size: 223MB

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