Spring Cleaning

There is absolutely nothing like going through all the crap you’ve accumulated over the course of the year and deciding which 8 of 100 things you actually need to survive.  Yesterday, while fighting off a migraine, I decided that I should at least try and be productive and empty my wardrobe of all the stuff I no longer wear.

3 green garbage bags and an oversized hockey bag all bursting at the seams later, my room suddenly felt like it was able to breathe.  I could finally see the floor again and my closet didn’t seem like it was going to explode in my face every time I walked past it.

As I trotted out the bags to the shed where I plan to keep them for 2 months before giving them away to the Salvation Army, I got to thinking about how spring cleaning really does help the soul.  The act of going through your possessions and discarding that which is useless is incredibly cathartic and I think it’s because as you’re throwing these items away, you are reminded of the memories that these items were a part of and how those events affected you.

People have asked me in the past what religion I would align myself if a gun was put to my head.  My response to those people is typically that I believe in a sort of scientific determinism; being that every action has an equal an opposite reaction, it would hold that every reaction has an equal but opposite preceding action.  “Good” or “bad”, every experience affects us in some way; it may change our mind about something, or it may reinforce our belief of something, but it always affects us.

With all of this in mind, the act of remembering all of the events that the cleaning brings to mind allows us to reflect on how for better or worse, this item got us where we are today.

Too pseudo-intellectual?  Probably.  But this is my site and not yours so I can be however I want to.

How about you?  Do you do a yearly spring-cleaning, or are you organized enough that you don’t need to?  Do you like the feeling of cleaning out the garbage in your wardrobe or living room or where ever?

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