BMO: Oh, how I despise thee

First of all, let me preface this (relatively short) post by assuming that the thoughts going through your head at this point are probably along the line of “What the hell? A non-Reactive Radio post? Something’s wrong here. I was just finally getting accustomed to being annoyed on a weekly basis, and now you throw actual *content* at me? HOW DARE YOU?!?”

Well to that I say: shut up.

Anyways, the reason I have my latest hate on for the Bank of Montreal (sidenote: how the fuck do you get BMO from “Bank of Montreal”? Shouldn’t it be “BOM”?  Fuck it, I’m calling them BOM from now on.) is thanks to their typically inept systems admininstrators, the Interac E-mail Money Transfer function is “currently unavailable.”

Fuck you, BOM, you are denying me the pleasure of sending hundreds and thousands of dollars through e-mail. Not only that, but since it’s been broke since last night, I can only assume that you told your web guys that “hey, our customers can’t wait over the weekend for this extremely convenient feature to come back – you guys go have a beer and work on it when you get into work on Monday!”

If my employees try to leave work before they’ve finished sharpening our clients’ pencils, they are told to sit the fuck back down and finish the job they were assigned before being allowed to check out for the night.  Jobs don’t get split because our customers get angry if things are left undone, even overnight.  Why then, BOM, would you allow your employees to go circlejerk each other in that never-ending circlejerk you banking types call a “steam shower” over the weekend when something as important as that is broken?

Oh right, it’s because like the rest of the banking industry on the fucking planet right now, you have exactly zero sense of what “normal” is.  Or “smart.”  Or “FUCK YOU.”

In the USA, there are currently $18 billion worth of bonuses being handed out to the various executives of the various banks.  

I don’t know about you, but I’m really digging the prospect of being one of the VPs in the various investment houses, being an instrumental part of a multi-trillion dollar total economic collapse, yet still having the balls to receive a cheque showing what a great job I’ve done.  

Where in the *fuck* do I sign up?

Back to my original point – BOM, you fucking suck.  But since the song goes “don’t hate the playa, hate the game,” I guess there’s not a whole lot I can do, since the only people that could fix the situation are getting paid billions to fail.  One can only hope trickle-down economics means that I’ll get mine soon enough.

2 thoughts on “BMO: Oh, how I despise thee”

  1. You are a moron…. BMO= Bank of Montreal Office.

    Instead of complaining you should go back to school, learn how to write a descent argumentation, your text doesn’t make any sense.

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