Reactive Radio Sunday Sessions – Mar. 1, 2009


1. Ehren Stowers – Solar Dreams (Simon Bostock Intro Mix)
2. Ron van den Beuken – Faraway (Extended Mix)
3. Kenneth Thomas and Chad Cisneros – Breakthrough (Oliver Smith Remix)
4. Benya feat. Perry Nixon – Serendipity (Midnight Mix)
5. Mobilize – Oasis (Mesmerized Remix)
6. Activa – Rise Above (Original Mix)
7. Martin Sas – The Way To Happiness (Club Mix)
8. Ronny K pres. Advanced – Myrah (2K8 Mix)
9. Para X – Fight No More (Original Mix)
10. Marcos feat. Emi Jarvi – Cosmic String (Indecent Noise Remix)
11. Robert Gitel Man – Tamam (Jochen Miller Remix)
12. Cesar Lugo pres. Steel Prototype – Vitality (Original Mix)
13. Daniel Loubscher and Illyra – Golden Sky (Adriz Remix)

14. Kaimo K – B3autiful (Osip Remix)

15. Aled Mann – To The End (Original Mix)
16. A B Project – Adversity (Original Mix)
17. Active Visions – Travelling
18. Tom Colontonio – Faceplant
19. Epicentre – Epicentre (Original Mix)

Time: 2:00:18 | Size: 229MB

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    I was wondering if you’d still do album reviews. I’m about to put out my first full-length for a new project I’m doing, I used to play guitar and keys in this band:

    I could sure use the press in the next few months so if you’d be gracious enough to write up a review I’ll throw a link to your blog where I quote. it. Thanks and you can e-mail me ( whenever.

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