Make Gmail even more functional with Better Gmail Firefox add-on

Just today, I was browsing the Something Awful Forums when I happened upon a thread about a new Firefox add-on called “Better Gmail”. It claims to add a bunch of new features to Gmail when you install it along with providing a few skins to redesign the look of the site. At first, I was pretty skeptical about what it could do for me because I was of the mindset that Gmail was as damn close to perfect as any software offering would ever get.

Boy, was I wrong.

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Book Review: “United States v. George W. Bush et al.” by Elizabeth de la Vega

While I was still in Bermuda, I happened to be casually surfing the internet, and came across an excerpt of a book recently published by a woman named Elizabeth de la Vega. I’m not a big book reader, but the premise of the book was rather interesting: how an attorney could bring about a charge of fraud against George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, and Colin Powell for conspiring to lie to the public and to congress about the validity and truthfulness of facts that were presented when it was being decided whether or not the United States would go to war with Iraq. Now I can hear you say to yourself that this topic has had myriad articles, books, advertisements and speeches published about it already and that there’s no need for yet another collection of it. “We get it,” you say, “he lied. I’m sick of people telling me.”

What makes this book different are two major points. The first is that it’s presented not in typical book form, but in the style of a court reporter’s transcript. Rather than being a one way dialogue that the reader is forced to take part in, they are simply observers in the courtroom, listening to the back and forth discussion of the witness, attorney, and occasionally the grand jury. Rather than “he said”/”she said” and all the other variations that authors are forced to used scattered over the page, it’s presented in a form closer to the following (excerpt from page 128):

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The other night, I was lying in bed thinking about how I don’t have a job, which got me thinking about resumes, which got me thinking about how many times I’ve had to write up my resume throughout the course of my life due to the reinstallation of Windows or buying a new computer or just plain deleting the file by accident, which got me thinking about how tired I am of losing data. Knowing that I wouldn’t fall asleep until I either got my brewing idea out on paper, or at the very least researched if there was a viable solution that already existed, I got out of bed and started Googling.

Within 2 minutes, I found my saviour: I read a few reviews of their service, all of which were nothing but endless praise – apparently everyone seems to love them. They have software that runs in the background and only when the computer is idle, and encrypt all of your files before they even leave your computer as well. That was enough for me; I opened up Mozy’s website and started the application process.

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